Appropriate tools for the right objectives evaluating context and channels that are already connected to the customers. The algorithms we develop work with a mix of mobile technologies such as mobile Apps, Wearables or sensors like iBeacon and NFC; rather than advanced forms of Fidelity, Loyalty, Couponing or Gamification, until Social Connections and Web plug-in.


Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets are the main link between physical (your store) and digital user and channels.


Are the tools to identify, reach and reward user behaviors in stores, connected to the apps.

Virtual Loyalty Cards

Essential to activate logics of Fidelity and automatic Couponing that are linked to the user profile and context

Big Data

Represent the basis for planning, structuring and activating trigger actions, forecasts and multi-channels activity.

Native content

Creativity, Gamification, Engagement are the basic ingredients declined on avery single channel.


The goal is to “Connect the dots”...yes!
Is to create a user profile unique and enriched with data that flow from different channels.

In order to generate an exchange of information that will allow the activation of user variables based on context, situation and channel.

These logics can also take place using automatic actions (triggers) activated on the channel of origin or new, including the physical shop.
"WELCOME! I saw you yesterday on the website!"






In a fast scenario where all the focus is mainly on the technical tools, we offer a real integration of knowledge with an augmented performance.

The ability to recognize the user whichever channel he is on, will increase the effectiveness of messages. This represents the plus, essential for proper and effective management of resources and marketing efforts.


This method is supported by solid mathematic & informatic skills, which are the foundation of our adaptive and self-learning algorithms. In addition to this we have a great experience in data management, integration processes, analysis and user experience.

This is our approach:

  • Analysis

    Photography and analysis of existing channels. Evaluation of new ones.

  • Detection

    Activation of the tracking systems for single channel

  • Collection

    Storing of collected information

  • Processing

    Retention and processing of significant data

  • Engagement

    Cration and delivery of native messages for channels. Activation of automatic actions and triggers.

  • Deduction

    Modeling of clusters of customers, based on the growing data generated

Case history


Engage and attract customers with offers, cross selling opportunity and fidelity. Analitycs from app, wifi traffic and iBeacons access.

  • Couponing
  • Fidelity
  • WiFi portal & customers stats

Right Wear

A new shop in the Bergamo area, which proposes a model entirely based on coupons. The application automatically receives each coupon and notify to the customer the opportunity. A platform coordinates the sending of the coupons on all channels, including social.

  • Couponing
  • Fidelity
  • WiFi portal & customers stats


Winner of "V Bando Distretti del Commercio Lombardia 2013". Fidelity virtualization, couponing and fidelity points collection for Distretto del Commercio Alta Val Seriana - Clusone.

  • Couponing
  • Fidelity

Le Vele

A multi store app for le Vele Mall and shopping center. Single store promotion, user interest, copuponing and offers also with push notification. Fidelity and promotion for brands in 1 single app.

  • Couponing


App for a single specialized and small wine bar. Customer oriented, service oriented. Everiday coupon helps to discover great new products, of course we use iBeacons..

  • Couponing

Moss Kafè

A marketing opportunity also for a small bar. A pre-paid fidelity for a faster service. A gift for returning customers, automated within the app. Simple use of iBeacons.

  • Couponing
  • Fidelity
  • WiFi portal & customers stats


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